Short Films 

​Have an idea for a short film but do not have everything figured out? No need to worry at HossProductions we specialize in making short films. From the very beginning stages to the final product we can make your film come to life.   
**Please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss the  ins and outs of the video you are wanting to create, every  video is unique. I look foward to hearing from you. 

**Digital copies will be sent to you, DVD copies can be bought for an extra $10.

** "Brandon White,HossProductions, and my part(s) on video will be on screen at the end."

Magic Castle
​Join Jimmy and his friends as they try to stop the evil villain Cressida. They must defeat her or they will lose their friend Arianna to the darkness.

A short film about a man named Jack who doesn't have much time left. He has some things to get off his chest before he leaves this world​.
Whimscal Umbrella
A young man named Hensley has failed to live the life of his dreams. One day things start to look up. He has found his dream job and located the love of his life. What he doesn't know is the one thing that will turn his life upside down. his film asks all of the questions that all of us have to ask ourselves from time to time and answers them in a playful manner.
Kindred Spirits
A broken hearted princess and a banished Goblin cross paths in the dark forest...

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